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We improve public health and population health practice to support healthier communities
Staff Values









1. People First : It is important to strive for a work/life balance. Healthy individuals contribute to achieving a healthy organization.


2. Excellence:

  • Continuous improvement— A learning environment. Learn from one another and strive to improve what we do each and every day.
  • Active pursuit of the best approach— Asking questions, checking or challenging assumptions, and participating in critical analysis.
  • Accountability— Do what we say and by when we say. Inform one-another of changes that occur, as necessary.
  • Sharing— Ideas are best when not owned but shared with others. Success can also be shared.
  • Creativity— Comes from diversity of people and ideas. Express ideas and be inquisitive.
  • Responsible— Using resources efficiently, effectively, and appropriately.
  • Success— A desired outcome of collective achievement. Credit is shared.

3. Open and Honest Communication:

  • Openness— Being receptive to questions and feedback.
  • Respect— Respect for other people’s perspectives, approaches and time constraints. Talking directly to individuals about issues, problems, or concerns.
  • Honesty— Be honest with oneself and others.
  • Effective communication— Being clear in communications and making sure that you understand and are understood.


4. Supportive:

  • Accepting— Suspend judgment when ideas are being expressed. Give others the benefit of the doubt.
  • Fairness— Consistent application of policies and procedures. Treating individuals equally.
  • Supportive— Encourage others and offer to lend a hand when you can.
Staff Values