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We improve the public’s health by strengthening the quality and performance of public health practice
Vision, Mission, Values

Public Health Foundation’s Strategic Position

Vision Statement

Healthy Practices
Healthy People
Healthy Places


We improve the public’s health by strengthening the quality and performance of public health practice.

Shared Values and Beliefs
PHF was created with certain intrinsic core values and beliefs.  The organization carries out its activities and programs with these values and beliefs foremost in mind.
  • We value our connectivity to the public health community
  • We value interdisciplinary perspectives and practice
  • We value consensus and partnership building
  • We value our independence, unbiased perspective, and adaptability
  • We value innovation and idea driven solutions
  • We value being a high impact organization
  • We value the respect of our partners, customers, and clients
  • We believe in using evidence and data to improve performance
  • We believe in the competence of our people and the quality of our work
PHF’s Contribution to the Public Health Community
  • Innovation: defining and testing future best practices
  • Leadership: establishing the cutting edge for practice and collaborative leadership
  • Integrity: maintaining a high-level of trust, honesty and accountability
  • Reach: engaging individuals and organizations in public health and healthcare
  • Passion: continuing a strong commitment to the public health community
  • Performance: helping individuals and organizations use information and tools to improve practice
  • Results: increasing the impact of public health practice

Strategic Goals

  1. Develop innovative products and services to improve individual and organizational performance
  2. Build collaborative partnerships to enable optimal public health practice(s)
  3. Focus workforce development on performance to improve health outcomes
  4. Develop change agents capable of improving the performance, quality, and impact of public health practice
  5. Create opportunities to achieve public health and healthcare system alignment to improve community health (revised December 2013)
  6. Apply quality improvement practices toward the activities of PHF staff, management, and directors
  7. Assure financial and operational viability


A national, nonprofit, non-membership organization serving public health agencies and systems.

Vision, Mission, Values