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We improve the public’s health by strengthening the quality and performance of public health practice
Performance Improvement Learning Series Catalog
These technical assistance and training services provide facilitation and coaching to public health organizations to aid departments, agencies, boards, divisions and their community and healthcare partners in implementing performance management, quality improvement (QI), and workforce development. Download the Learning Series Catalog of technical assistance and training services. All of these services are facilitated on-site by PHF's experts.
The catalog includes technical assistance and training on many topics. PHF can design an event or sequence of events to build on past trainings or established knowledge among participants. These events are designed to help an organization:
  • Prepare for public health accreditation
  • Lead in the public health QI field
  • Acquire training in the latest QI tools and techniques
  • Identify and develop improvement objectives and align these objectives with strategies
  • Build and sustain performance management capabilities
  • Control costs, improve efficiency, improve morale, and strengthen customer satisfaction
  • Develop a quality culture which encourages continuous improvement
  • Analyze and address the root causes of problems instead of only treating symptoms
  • Develop and use metrics and data collection to improve analytical capabilities
  • Use QI to design workforce development plans


View PHF's technical assistance and training services in Quality ImprovementPerformance Management, Leadership/Change Management/Team, Strategic Planning, and Consulting Interventions by clicking on the buttons to the right. Each service will be customized to meet a client’s specific needs. Technical assistance and training services are divided into four groups to meet both current and future needs.

  • Basic Services (100 series) provide beginning knowledge
  • Intermediate Services (200 series) provide leadership and team development skills for program expansion.
  • Advanced Services (300 series) assist leaders in moving their organizations to a more advanced QI state, institute and sustain a culture of QI, and help move the organization to the cutting edge of quality and innovation
  • Consulting Interventions (400 series) provide customized assistance based on a specific organizational situation to move an organization to a desired state of improvement


Ready to get started?
PHF is ready to assist. Contact Margie Beaudry at (202)218-4415 or You can also submit your information online.

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Performance Improvement Learning Series Catalog