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Performance Management Tune-up

​​​​​​​​​​Develop a more mature performance management system that reflects and builds toward the goals of the health department’s various activities and plans. Determine if your goals, objectives, and performance measures will help position your health department for a future that supports improving your community’s health outcomes.

This training can focus on one or more of the following to drive performance management to a new level of excellence:

  • ​Reviewing your agency’s current performance management structure
  • Setting and aligning measures with plans and desired outcomes
  • Tweaking your agency’s performance management team
  • Determining how best to refresh your agency’s performance management system
  • Using the performance management system to select and prioritize future quality improvement projects

Duration: This training can be delivered remotely in modules over days or weeks, or it can be provided on-site.

Ready to get started?
The Public Health Foundation is ready to assist. Contact Ron Bialek at (202)-218-4415 or You can also submit your information online.


Performance Management Tune-up