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Academic Health Department Mentorship Program Set to Launch

Topic: Council on Linkages, PHF News, Workforce Development

Author: Kathleen Amos

Date: 6/19/2015

​As the summer kicks off, the Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice (Council on Linkages) is preparing to launch its newest activity – an Academic Health Department (AHD) Mentorship Program – later this month. Developed within the existing AHD Learning Community, the AHD Mentorship Program aims to foster the development, maintenance, and expansion of AHDs by creating ongoing mentoring relationships between individuals involved in AHD efforts. Informal knowledge sharing happens regularly through the AHD Learning Community; this mentorship program will offer a more formal avenue for sharing as well.


Created in response to feedback from AHD Learning Community members and led by AHD Learning Community member Bryn Manzella, MPH, of the Jefferson County Department of Health (AL), the AHD Mentorship Program will help connect individuals seeking guidance in an area of AHD development or operations with those having experience in that area, supporting mutual learning and the sharing of expertise. The more than 400 members of the Learning Community have a wide range of experiences with AHD partnerships, and the mentorship program will draw on this knowledge to assist members who are new to AHDs or exploring new areas related to AHDs. Individuals interested in being mentored will be able to view the potential mentors available and their areas of experience or expertise through the Learning Community website and submit a request for mentorship using an online form. Ms. Manzella and Council on Linkages staff will work together to pair mentors and mentees and provide support for both groups to help build positive relationships.
Critical to a successful mentorship program is having a pool of knowledgeable mentors, and volunteer mentors with experience or expertise related to any of a variety of areas of AHD development, operations, or evaluation continue to be sought. To express interest in volunteering, please complete the brief form available at
The AHD Mentorship Program will continue to evolve over the coming months as the program gets underway and mentor/mentee matches begin to be made. Watch the program webpage or sign up for the Council on Linkages Update newsletter to see how the program progresses and learn about opportunities for getting involved. If you have experience with AHD partnerships or are simply looking for some guidance, your participation in the mentorship program is welcome. For more information, please contact Kathleen Amos at


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Geri Podkowa


I am currently completing my practicum and then I will have one course to complete, thesis. Can I participate in and take advantage from the mentorship program even though I am still a student?

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Academic Health Department Mentorship Program Set to Launch