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CDC Winnable Battle: Foodborne Disease

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Date: 2/25/2013

​The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has initiated an effort to achieve measurable impact quickly in select, targeted areas. CDC's Winnable Battles are public health priorities with large-scale impact on health and with known, effective strategies to address them. The public health community can make significant progress in reducing health disparities and the overall health burden from these diseases and conditions in a relatively short timeframe – generally within one to four years – by identifying priority strategies and clear targets.1 CDC has identified foodborne diseases as a Winnable Battle.


According to CDC, every year, one in six Americans get sick from and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases. Reducing foodborne illness by 10% would keep five million Americans from getting sick. Preventing one fatal case of E. coli O157 infection would save an estimated $7 million.With additional effort and support for evidence-based, cost-effective strategies that can be implemented, foodborne illness and related deaths can be reduced.


TRAIN, the premier learning management system for professionals and volunteers who protect the public’s health, offers local, state, and national trainings that public health professionals can utilize in furthering their education on foodborne disease and food safety.  A selection of trainings available on TRAIN that address foodborne illness, disease, and food safety include:

For more information on food safety, create a TRAIN account and register for courses/trainings. Review the Public Health Foundation's website for more information on CDC's Winnable Battles.  
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CDC Winnable Battle: Foodborne Disease