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Five TRAIN “Super Providers” Recognized

Topic: TRAIN

Author: Samantha Draper

Date: 4/9/2015

For the second time, TRAIN has named five Super Providers who are leading the way in training learners in courses tagged with the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (Core Competencies). Used in workforce development activities across the country, the Core Competencies describe foundational skills appropriate for public health professionals regardless of discipline. Public health departments assign competency-based training to meet Public Health Accreditation Board Measure 8.2.1 A, which requires a health department to use competencies. Meanwhile, all course providers on TRAIN can assign Core Competencies to courses to help learners identify trainings that can help fulfill their educational and professional development needs.


The Super Providers were chosen from among 625 national course providers that use TRAIN, the nation's premier learning management network for professionals and volunteers who protect the public’s health. These Super Providers trained the most learners in courses tagged with the Core Competencies from August 1, 2014 – February 1, 2015. From the previous six months, learners trained during the same six month time frame across the top five courses increased by 743 learners.


The top five course providers that trained the most learners and received a customized TRAIN “Super Provider” award are:

  1. Kentucky Department of Public Health HIV/AIDS Branch – HIV/AIDS Professional Education in KY....Making It Count Online Module 1021131 [Course ID 1021131] – 2,145 learners trained
  2. Health Resources and Services Administration – Effective Communication Tools for Healthcare Professionals 100 (No Continuing Education Units Offered) [Course ID 1010508] – 2,098 learners trained
  3. Kentucky Department of Public Health – KY DPH Civil Rights Training Module 1020093 [Course ID 1020093] – 1,214 learners trained
  4. UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness – HIPAA: An Overview [Course ID 1041019] – 688 learners trained
  5. CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/OPHPR/DSNS – SNS Overview Course [Course ID 1041004] – 681 learners trained

Interested in additional competency-based courses? Use the Competency search option on TRAIN and create an account today.


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Five TRAIN “Super Providers” Recognized