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Planning for Success: Aligning Accreditation Plans

Related Categories: Performance Management, Quality Improvement

Topic: Infrastructure, Performance Management and Quality Improvement, Strategic Planning, Workforce Development

Date: 7/9/2015

The Public Health Foundation (PHF) is pleased to announce Aligning Accreditation Plans, a new on-site service to help agencies ensure that the various plans required for health department accreditation are complementary and effectively tracked within the agency’s performance management system.

Accreditation prerequisites – the health assessment, health improvement plan, and strategic plan – understandably require significant time and effort as a health department starts its accreditation journey. When prerequisites are complete, and the focus turns to workforce development planning, quality planning, and performance management system planning, some agencies find their health improvement plans and strategic plans were not written with these other plans in mind. They may then have to "force fit" the additional plans to those written first for different purposes. 

PHF recommends taking steps early to align all the plans required for accreditation, consider how they can reinforce one another, and how performance management can be used to track performance across all the plans. This half-day workshop uses a framework for aligning the plans and documenting that alignment, taking into account quality improvement principles, the essential services of public health, and the Public Health Accreditation Board's standards and measures for accreditation.

Ready to bring this workshop to your health department? Contact Margie Beaudry at (202)218-4415 or, or submit your information online.


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Planning for Success: Aligning Accreditation Plans