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Rapid Cycle Kaizen for Process Improvement

Related Categories: Quality Improvement

Topic: Performance Management and Quality Improvement

Date: 3/20/2015

With public health organizations prioritizing quality improvement (QI) – both for accreditation readiness and for the overall success of organizational objectives – it is no surprise that Kaizen (Japanese for “change for the better”) has become a popular approach. There are many ways to conduct a Kaizen process improvement event. Public Health Foundation (PHF) experts have used a Rapid Cycle Kaizen approach for many years to engage cross-functional teams to respond over a brief time frame to situations in which:

  1. The need for a solution is urgent 
  2. The impact of the failing process is significant
  3. Willingness to change is apparent
PHF's Rapid Cycle Kaizen includes two to three days of intensive work onsite and remote coaching, incorporating time tested QI tools, as well as recently developed Kaizen Process Improvement Tools:
PHF's approach also builds on the concepts in PHF’s 2011 free online book, Modular kaizen: Dealing with Disruption.

To learn more about conducting Rapid Cycle Kaizen in your organization, please contact Margie Beaudry at (202)218-4415 or You can also submit your information online.


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Rapid Cycle Kaizen for Process Improvement