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Recent Publications on Managing Change

Related Categories: Performance Management and Quality Improvement (PMQI)

Topic: Performance Management and Quality Improvement

Date: 7/30/2012

For an organization or group to be successful, it must manage change. The Public Health Foundation's (PHF) Senior Quality Advisor Jack Moran has recently written about managing change in various publications. In The PDCA Cycle for Change Leaders, published in The Quality Management Forum, Jack Moran and QI Expert Les Beitsch explain the four steps leaders should practice (Think, Speak, Act, and Care) before they implement the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle. This article explains how these four-step cycles complement each other and can help leaders prepare to manage change. Building on this principle, Jack Moran also wrote about the Four Secrets for Leading Successful Change, available through the Process Excellence Network, in which he highlights the importance of understanding organizational culture to make change successful.
A challenge that leaders face in implementing change is managing the people who resist change. People on an improvement team have different expectations and experiences; the leader must get everyone on the same page so they can focus on the problem they are assembled to solve. Jack Moran details how this can be done in the article 10 Steps to Dealing with People Challenges also available through the Process Excellence Network.
What are some challenges you’ve faced in managing change as a quality improvement leader or as a team member? Leave a comment below to share your experiences. For more information on PHF’s quality improvement services, contact PHF.


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Recent Publications on Managing Change