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TRAIN Community Hosts Final Webinar in Series

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Topic: TRAIN

Author: Samantha Draper

Date: 3/29/2012

Public Health Accreditation & Competency Based Learning: A Model Based on the TRAIN Learning Management System (Webinar 3) hosted by TRAIN and originally broadcast on March 20, 2012, is now available in an on-demand format through TRAIN.  The topics discussed and demonstrated during the webinar were: workforce development plans, self-assessments, and training plans.  Webinar objectives included:
  • Differentiate between a course evaluation and a course assessment to describe how course evaluations can provide valuable feedback crucial to quality improvement of instruction and assessments can promote professional competencies in the online training environment.
  • Explain the linkages between human resource tracking needs in association with a learning management system (LMS) training plan.
  • Associate cost savings in utilization of a learning management system (LMS) in the delivery and tracking of workforce development curricula.
  • Discover the way identifying training needs at an agency level result into the annual training needs assessment.
  • Acquire information on how an agency reports compliancy with state-mandated training requirements.

Over 150 participants registered for the webinar, representing 40 states and numerous state, local, and tribal health departments, as well as federal agencies and national public health organizations.  With 80% of the country represented, the importance of public health accreditation to nearly all public health professionals cannot be overstated. Moreover, the TRAIN Community’s ability to reach out to fellow colleagues beyond its 24 affiliates illustrates the importance of partnership in the public health community. The TRAIN Community thanks all who participated for making the webinar so well-attended.

The on-demand version of this webinar can be accessed by clicking here or by searching for Course ID 1032949 in the “Search by Course ID” field. You will need to login to TRAIN in order to access the on-demand version of the webinar. The following instructional video will guide new learners through the account creation process.  We encourage all public health professionals to distribute this information to their colleagues who may have missed the webinar on March 20, 2012.


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TRAIN Community Hosts Final Webinar in Series