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Activate Your Community Health Improvement Plan Using Quality Improvement Tools

Date: 6/14/2017 1:04 PM

Related Categories: Quality Improvement

Topic: Performance Management and Quality Improvement

Tag: Accreditation, Community Health Improvement Plan, Driver Diagram, Population Health, Quality Improvement

Author: Vanessa Lamers

Eating Healthier Cropped.jpgA community health improvement plan (CHIP) or a state health improvement plan (SHIP) identifies actions that can be taken to improve a community’s health. This is an important step, but many communities find themselves down the road from their plan, with the plan still on the shelf.

If your plan hasn’t moved into action, or is moving too slowly to make measurable improvements, quality improvement (QI) tools can assist with the assessment of challenges, decision making, and building consensus among work groups and stakeholders. Try one or more of these five QI tools to support your organization, coalition, or community to achieve health improvement:
See an example Force Field Analysis and Cause and Effect Diagram in PHF’s recent paper, Getting the Community Health Improvement Plan Off the Shelf and Into Practice. You can also find several community health improvement examples, plans, and resources in the Public Health Improvement Resource Center (PHIRC).
If your organization needs support in using these tools, has questions, or to share a story of how these tools have been used, please contact Vanessa Lamers at PHF also offers on-site technical assistance and training to implement your CHIP.


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