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We improve public health and population health practice to support healthier communities
Health Departments Showing Strong Demand for Performance Improvement Services

Date: 4/17/2018 4:34 PM

Related Categories: Performance Management, Quality Improvement, Workforce Development

Topic: Infrastructure, Performance Management and Quality Improvement, Workforce Development

Margie Beaudry is Director of Performance Improvement Services at the Public Health Foundation.
Throughout the year, I speak with many health department leaders who ask, "Is my organization alone in this challenge? Is this training need common among other health departments? Are you helping others pursue these funding opportunities as well?" In an effort to address these frequently asked questions, I can share that as of April 2018, demand for technical assistance and training has been quite strong. Many health departments are focused on accreditation preparation, leadership development, performance management, quality improvement, and workforce development. In addition to the regular current of need-based, on-site training, factors driving an increase in demand for Performance Improvement Services from the Public Health Foundation (PHF) include:
"PHF distinguishes itself because its trainers understand public health systems and processes, and can translate in a meaningful and easy-to-understand fashion what public health staff can do every day through QI to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of public health programs for customers and the community alike."
-  Jackie Baker Werth, Performance Improvement Manager,
   County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency
PHF continues to serve health departments through customized Performance Improvement Services. This work brings us closer than ever to practitioners in public health as they pursue accreditation and improved health outcomes for their communities. Of the 200 health departments accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board, 30% have received customized technical assistance or training from PHF experts. Our on-site services have reached nearly 6,000 staff in more than 540 health departments across 48 states, 40 tribes, and two territories.
Our services help health departments bridge gaps in the skills and knowledge of their workforce and meet accreditation preparation objectives. Over the past five years, most services have focused on quality improvement (41%), performance management (23%), leadership and change management (11%), and workforce development (11%).
We are also seeing emerging needs for services related to population health and community health improvement (14%), including:
  • Mapping Solutions with Population Health Driver Diagrams. Both creating the population health driver diagram and determining actions to address a community health challenge require engaging individuals and organizations in the community with expertise related to the health challenge and the ability to take action to address it. PHF facilitates bringing the right people together and mapping the primary and secondary drivers to address a priority community health challenge.
  • Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Tune-up. Managing the process to develop a CHIP and then getting it implemented in the community are important for every health department. This interactive workshop helps health departments to identify and overcome barriers when translating the CHIP into practice.
  • Implementing Innovative Solutions. After assessing challenges and planning to take action, actually implementing plans often proves far more challenging. PHF helps organizations take action to address community and population health challenges through a collaborative, coordinated, and continuous process involving community partners and the tools and principles of quality improvement.
  • Solving a Population Health Challenge. Population health challenges demand comprehensive solutions. PHF will see that you move from assessing needs to implementing strategies that achieve results.  

PHF's Partnerships Are Growing

Several national organizations and their initiatives have recently highlighted the need for PHF’s performance improvement services and expert facilitation. To bring greater depth, experience, and substance to those we serve, we are building new partnerships with several organizations.
  • The Root Cause Coalition (TRCC) aims to reverse and end the systemic root causes of health inequities for individuals and communities through cross-sector partnerships. PHF is looking to partner with TRCC on upcoming initiatives such as helping hospitals prioritize efforts to address the social determinants of health.
  • The Kresge Foundation supports teams of public health leaders in implementing innovative, transformative concepts. Many PHF services can strengthen the work of these leadership teams through the application of core tools and practices to new challenges.
  • PHF also continues working with ASTHO, NACCHO, and NIHB in designing and delivering technical assistance and training.
Are You Using PHF’s Performance Improvement Services?
PHF is focused on supporting healthier communities by improving public health and population health practice. We are improving the performance of individuals and organizations nationwide with experts dedicated to help you achieve your objectives.
Contact Margie Beaudry at (202)218-4415 or, or submit your inquiry online to get started.


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