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Community Chief Health Strategist: How Will We Get There?

Date: 11/17/2016 6:38 PM

Related Categories: Performance Management, Quality Improvement

Topic: Community Development, Infrastructure

Tag: Community Health Improvement Plan, Partnerships, Population Health, Technical Assistance

Author: Margie Beaudry

Are you looking to become the Community Chief Health Strategist? The Public Health Foundation (PHF) has the expertise to make this happen for you, and involve community partners working together toward shared goals. As the Community Chief Health Strategist, you will step forward to align stakeholders and address local health priorities, using innovative approaches and tools such as the population health driver diagram.
Building on our tradition of helping organizations improve and manage performance, PHF offers Becoming the Community Chief Health Strategist to accelerate the development (in groups, organizations, or individuals) of the leadership qualities and habits that can foster effective collaboration, strategic, innovative disease prevention, and successful health improvement efforts within a community. This service is available to any organization with the goal of becoming the Community Chief Health Strategist. 
Ready to get started? Contact Margie Beaudry at or (202)218-4415, or submit your information online.
New to the Community Chief Health Strategist Approach?

Recently, there has been a flurry of enthusiasm over the evocative term “Community Chief Health Strategist” or simply “Chief Health Strategist.” The term emerged in reference to governmental public health in a 2014 paper from the Public Health Leadership Forum published by RESOLVE; it describes a “sweeping new role” for health departments which goes beyond the traditional role of public health leadership, and outlines seven key practices of the Chief Health Strategists of the future. Here are some other recent publications that discuss the importance and effectiveness of this approach:

A strong, accredited health department is a natural place to look for leadership in exemplary practice, but it is not the only option. The vision is that the future of public health depends on a leader – a person, an organization, a coalition – stepping up to ensure that efforts are well-aligned, mutually reinforcing, effective, and sustainable. With effective leadership in place, the siloed efforts of past decades will give way to those that are complementary and exponentially beneficial.
The Community Chief Health Strategist captures the imagination because it is aspirational in portraying how communities can ultimately overcome population health challenges through actions that are well within reach. But how exactly will this happen? Becoming the Community Chief Health Strategist takes a thoughtful approach and PHF can help you think through the different components of activating this concept in your community. Contact Margie Beaudry at or (202)218-4415 to get in touch with the experts who can bring this innovative idea to life for your organization in 2017.


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