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Diabetes Population Health Driver Diagram Project


The Public Health Foundation (PHF), with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), developed and is now using a population health driver diagram framework to address different aspects of diabetes prevention and control in three Texas regions. PHF has been testing an innovative approach to addressing community health challenges focusing on collaboration and alignment between public health, health care, and community organizations. Grounded in the belief that public health, health care, and community stakeholders are more effective when they combine their efforts to address an issue than when they work separately, this approach is being used to tackle diabetes prevention and control.
A Diabetes Population Health Driver Diagram has been developed by each of the three Texas regions to meet each region’s unique needs and will be refined throughout the initiative as the regions explore new and innovative ways to address diabetes as a population health challenge. The driver diagrams are helping community stakeholders collaborate by identifying and implementing interventions that are able to be aligned across these stakeholders to address diabetes prevention and control. In addition, the regions will use the driver diagrams to help them achieve greater health equity within their communities and improve the value of community health investments. Working together, community stakeholders will establish measures and targets to monitor their progress throughout this initiative. PHF is providing technical assistance to the collaboratives formed in each Texas region, including the use of quality improvement strategies to help develop, implement, track progress of, and improve interventions to help achieve measureable results.
PHF has successfully used the population health driver diagram framework in communities to tackle health challenges at the crossroads of public health and health care and align efforts between these sectors to achieve health objectives. Thus far, population health driver diagrams have been developed and used to address three health challenges: antibiotic stewardship, oral health, and vector control.
For more information about this initiative or other opportunities to use a population health driver diagram, see PHF's discussion paper in the Institute of Medicine or contact Vanessa Lamers at
Diabetes Population Health Driver Diagram Project