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Quality Improvement Tools for Strategy and Strategic Planning

Performance improvement professionals are often called upon to support the development of an organizational strategic plan. These tools can be used during a formal strategic planning process, or in strategy development for projects or initiatives, including quality improvement (QI) projects.strategy_success.jpg

  • Change Management Contingency Matrix - Evaluate potential areas for failure and plan for avoiding them when making a major organizational change
  • Community Stakeholder Services Map - Develop a visual representation of where services are physically located in relation to each other
  • Investigating Change - Explore changes through eight parameters to build on strengths and avoid challenges that can derail efforts
  • Mind Mapping - Develop a non-linear graphical diagram to link and organize information about an issue
  • Mistake Proofing - Develop countermeasures where a mistake or defect could occur, to improve productivity and reduce rework
  • Nine Pillars of Quality Improvement - Rate organizational QI culture and use results to inform action planning
  • PESTLE Chart - Understand an organization’s current operating state by scanning the external environment for factors that could impact strategy development
  • PICK Chart - Rank projects by considering their level of difficulty (amount of scarce resources required) and the level of payoff (improvement gain)
  • Population Health Driver Diagram - Identify primary and secondary drivers of a community health issue, as a starting point for development of targeted improvements
  • Pre-Mortem Analysis - Identify vulnerabilities and potential failures in a plan in efforts to prevent them
  • Process Value Analysis - Enable a team to analyze each step in a process to determine its value, developing a ratio of function to cost
  • QI Culture Map - Visually capture the status of QI culture within an organization
  • SIPOC+CM+CE Collection Form - Identify and analyze the major elements of organizational core processes
  • Strategy Conceptualization Tree - Translate broadly-stated needs into specific, actionable, achievable, and measureable requirements
PHF experts have activated these tools in the field. If your organization needs support in using these tools, has questions, or can share an example of how these tools have been used, please contact Vanessa Lamers at


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Quality Improvement Tools for Strategy and Strategic Planning