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Advancing the public health workforce to achieve organizational excellence
2013 "I'm Your Community Guide!" Contest
The Public Health Foundation conducted the 2013 "I'm Your Community Guide!" Contest from October 26, 2012 through January 31, 2013. Click here to view the stories from the 2013 contest winners.
PHF invites you to share your experience by entering the “I’m Your Community Guide!” Contest. Your stories will help to identify model practices for implementing the evidence-based strategies outlined in The Community Guide.
Who submitted stories?
Stories were collected from several state, tribal, local, and territorial health departments; community health coalitions; and other organizations that have used or are currently using the findings and recommendations outlined in The Community Guide to improve health in their communities.  

Why were stories submitted?
Several organizations were able to demonstrate their knowledge and use of The Community Guide to make improvements within their communities and organizations. Your stories will help advance public health practice by demonstrating the value of implementing evidence-based strategies. 


  • 1st place – $500 conference scholarship, engraved wall plaque and certificate
  • 2nd place – $200 conference scholarship, engraved plaque and certificate
  • 3rd place – $50 conference scholarship, engraved plaque and certificate
  • All entrants – Certificate of participation, 15% off coupon and other prizes 
When can I submit my story?
The submission period and chance to participate for the 2013 contest has ended. If you want to share your Community Guide success story or outcomes, you can submit your story during the next round of the “I’m Your Community Guide!” contest.
How were stories judged?
Submissions were judged based on the following criteria:
  • Describes one primary way the organization used the evidence-based interventions from The Community Guide, which includes topics and specific interventions such as develop policy, optimize resources, research, etc. (25 points)
  • Explains the process of how the organization used The Community Guide, which include how respondent chose that particular intervention in The Community Guide and what additional tools and resources were used (25 points)
  • Shows use of how organization leveraged partnerships and how those partnerships impacted the program (24 points)
  • Provides a model for assisting other organizations in using The Community Guide.
    • Detailed outcomes or intended health impact (10 points)
    • Provides success, challenges, or unexpected occurrences (5 points)
    • Demonstrates a change in practice as a result of using The Community Guide (5 points)
    • Demonstrates use of Quality Improvement methods (6 points)
Submissions were judged by a panel of experts, all of whom are knowledgeable about the evidence-based findings and recommendations outlined in The Community Guide.
Important Dates
Winners and prizes were announced on March 31, 2013. 
Use of stories
Submissions that clearly demonstrated use of the evidence-based findings and recommendations in the Community Guide were made public. Stories were used to create a community of learning and sharing surrounding The Community Guide. PHF continues to highlight stories in a variety of ways, including through its website (, electronic newsletters, PHF's profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and conferences.  To see story highlights, please visit the 2013 “I’m Your Community Guide!” Contest winner page
Eligibility Requirements
In accordance with the America Competes Reauthorization Act, eligibility for the “I’m Your Community Guide!” Contest was limited to those who:
  1. Have agreed to the rules of the competition (Sec. 24(g)(1));
  2. Are either 1) incorporated in and maintain a primary place of business in the U.S. or 2) in the case of an individual, shall be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. (Sec. 24(g)(3));
  3. Are not a Federal entity or Federal employee acting within the scope of their employment (Sec. 24(g)(4));
  4. Assume any and all risks and waive claims against the Federal government (Sec. 24(i)(B)); and
  5. Obtain liability insurance or demonstrate financial responsibility, in amounts determined by the head of an agency, for claims by third parties and the Federal government (Sec. 24(i)(B)(2))
This activity was supported under a cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the Public Health Foundation (PHF) under Grant No. 3U38HM000518-05S1. The 2013 “I’m Your Community Guide!” Contest is solely the responsibility of PHF and does not necessarily represent the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
2013 "I'm Your Community Guide!" Contest