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Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals: Domains

​The Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (Core Competencies) are organized into eight domains representing skill areas within public health. Each domain contains between 4 and 13 competency statements. In addition, the Core Competencies include three tiers, which describe different types of responsibilities within public health organizations. The tiers are used to organize subcompetencies, which articulate more detailed knowledge and skills for individuals with responsibilities related to each tier.

The eight domains are: ​

Data Analytics and Assessment Skills. Data Analytics and Assessment Skills focus on identifying, collecting, and understanding data; employing and evaluating rigorous methods for assessing needs and assets to address community health needs; and using evidence for decision making to improve the health of communities.
Policy Development and Program Planning Skills. Policy Development and Program Planning Skills focus on developing, implementing, and evaluating policies, programs, and services; engaging in quality improvement for organizational and community planning; and influencing policies and programs to impact health and well-being for all.
Communication Skills. Communication Skills focus on employing effective communications strategies to convey information and combat misinformation and disinformation; assessing and addressing population literacy, language, and culture; soliciting and using community input; identifying opportunities to communicate data and information; communicating the roles of government, healthcare, and others; facilitating communications; and building trust with communities.
Health Equity Skills. Health Equity Skills focus on recognizing and responding to diversity of the workforce and populations served; applying principles of ethics, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice to policies and programs; committing to continuous self-reflection; re-evaluating organizational policies; and advocating to reduce systemic barriers that further health inequities.
Community Partnership Skills. Community Partnership Skills focus on understanding and developing relationships within the community; advancing collaboration while ensuring community power and ownership; defending public health policies, programs, and services; and evaluating effectiveness to improve community health and resilience.
Public Health Sciences Skills. Public Health Sciences Skills focus on using and contributing to the evidence base; understanding historical systems, policies, and events impacting public health; applying public health sciences to deliver the 10 Essential Public Health Services; critiquing and developing research; using evidence when developing policies and programs; and establishing cross-sector partnerships to improve the public’s health.
Management and Finance Skills. Management and Finance Skills focus on securing, managing, and engaging human and financial resources; supporting professional development and contingency planning to achieve program and organizational goals using principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice; developing and defending budgets; motivating personnel; evaluating and improving program and organization performance; and establishing and using performance management systems to improve organization performance.
Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills. Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills focus on understanding and engaging with cross-sector partners and inter-related systems; creating opportunities for collaboration among public health, healthcare, and other organizations to improve the health of communities; building confidence and trust with staff, partners, and the public; identifying emerging needs; and developing a shared vision to engage with politicians, policymakers, and public health to advocate for the role of governmental public health.

To learn more about or access the Core Competencies, please visit the Core Competencies webpage or contact Kathleen Amos at​

Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals: Domains