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Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, 13th Edition “The Pink Book”

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Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, 13th Edition, "The Pink Book," is developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases and distributed exclusively by the Public Health Foundation (PHF). This edition provides updated immunization and vaccine information to public health practitioners, healthcare providers, health educators, pharmacists, nurses, and others involved in administering immunizations.

Current, credible, and comprehensive, "The Pink Book" contains information on each vaccine-preventable disease and delivers immunization providers with the latest information on:

  • Principles of vaccination
  • General recommendations on immunization
  • Vaccine safety
  • Child/adult immunization schedules
  • International vaccines/Foreign language terms
  • Vaccination data and statistics

The 13th Edition offers an easy-to-read format for immunization professionals to use and reference. Updates include:

  • New vaccine administration guidelines
  • New recommendations regarding selection of storage and temperature monitoring tools
  • New recommendations for vaccine transport
  • Updated information on available influenza vaccine products
  • Use of Tdap in pregnancy
  • Use of Tdap in persons 65 years of age or older
  • Use of PCV13 and PPSV23 in adults with immunocompromising conditions
  • New licensure information for varicella-zoster immune globulin

Please consult the errata, updates, and clarifications page on CDC's website to check for errors that have been corrected, information that has changed, or unclear information that has been clarified.

Order your copy of "The Pink Book" through PHF's Online Store.

See what your colleagues are saying about "The Pink Book"
"The Pink Book is a great place to start for any immunization question.  The CDC recently published a new edition.  I definitely recommend having one at your practice.  Get the latest copy, if you haven’t already."  
 - Miranda Wilhelm, Pharm.D.
“The Pink Book has been immensely beneficial for my current position as Immunization Coordinator at Fulton County Health Department. Had it not been for this book containing all the needed information in one spot, the learning aspect of the immunization process would have been very difficult. By having a nursing staff that is well-versed in vaccine safety and delivery, our residents can be assured that accurate information is disseminated in a timely fashion. The pediatric providers in the county look to us as the immunization experts, and The Pink Book allows us, and backs us, to be the local experts with the credibility.”
- Linda Burkholder, RN, Immunization Coordinator, Fulton County Health Department, Wauseon, Ohio

"It is the one book that every staff member has on their desk that they regularly refer to...the one resource that we consistently rely on for the most comprehensive information on vaccine-preventable diseases."
- Vincent Sacco, Immunization Program Manager, Connecticut Department of Public Health

"We use The Pink Book every day in our public health clinic. Most of our clients have not received their immunizations in the timely manner as recommended. We frequently have to look “in the book” to help us decide what vaccines are needed. We depend highly on this resource book."
- Vickie Trevino, RN, Nursing Supervisor, Bulitt County Health Department, Shepherdsville, KY

"We are big fans of The Pink Book. It’s always been our one-stop shop kind of reference… The Pink Book covers the essential topics. We purchase additional copies for local health departments statewide and key admin staff here in our agency and they’re always glad to have their own copy!"
- Karen McMahon, Immunization Program Manager, Illinois Department of Public Health

"Complete, well written, and authoritative… it is a reference book utilized by staff in both state and county health departments on a routine basis. It assists staff in providing valuable information in both the scientific and practical application of immunizations for our immunization partners."
- Charles H. Alexander, Chief, Florida Department of Health/Bureau of Immunization

"We purchase the new edition every time it gets released and find the book to be an invaluable reference. We are huge advocates of vaccination for both our hospitalized patients and our community. Having a recently revised vaccine resource is imperative to assure we are providing our patients with the most current vaccine recommendations."
- Terry Burger, RN, CIC, Director Infection Control & Prevention, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown, PA

"The Pink Book has great information for Microbiology instructors and students."
- Leslie Kwasnieski, Metro Community College

"The Pink Book is excellent. I presented one copy to the Head of the Public Health Division at the military hospital in Accra, Ghana."
- Awolu Adam, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
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Florence Nantulya


I have known about the pink book while I leaved outside Africa. I am now in Uganda and much involved with vaccination programs, both for the local population and expatriates. I believe this book would help my work as I navigate through the vaccines and in educating other providers and patients. How can I access one without means(Credit card) to order one, and the delivery by mail is often unreliable.

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