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PICK Chart


Where do we begin? This is often the question when improvement teams must choose a process improvement project from among several worthy candidates. A PICK chart is used to rank projects by considering their level of difficulty (the amount of scarce resources required) and the level of payoff (the improvement gain). The PICK chart was originally developed by Lockheed Martin for organizing process improvement ideas and categorizing them during the Identify and Prioritize Opportunities Phase of a Lean Six Sigma project. The acronym PICK stands for the four possibilities: Possible, Implement, Challenge, and Kill. This is a visual tool for organizing ideas and making decisions. PICK charts are useful for focusing improvement team discussions and achieving consensus on which are the best solutions to solve a problem. Click here to see the full tool.
This tool was developed by PHF Senior Quality Advisor John W. Moran and PHF quality improvement expert Brynn Riley. A PICK chart Excel matrix is also available online. A PICK chart is used in conjunction with Solution and Effect Diagrams, and is well-suited to Kaizen Process Improvement Events and Lean Six Sigma projects, such as those led by PHF QI experts.
About the Public Health Quality Improvement Encyclopedia
PICK Chart is one of many supplements to the 2012 Public Health Quality Improvement Encyclopedia, a practical guide to using 75 tools for quality improvement practitioners in public health organizations. The book was distributed to all state and local health departments, and may be purchased through PHF's Online Store.


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Thanks for the template! I made a PICK Chart Template in Excel where the item is automatically placed on the chart based on the Impact and Effort you assign to it. Let me know what you think:

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