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Sedgwick County Health Department Storyboard - New Employee Orientation


The Quality Improvement Committee at the Sedgwick County Health Department (SCHD) in Kansas identified revising the New Employee Orientation as one of the eight improvement areas to address in an effort to develop a culture of QI at the agency.
AIM Statement
By December 1, 2010, 90% of SCHD supervisors will be given a pre-test/training/post-test and a cover letter will be developed to ensure standardization of a Supervisor’s New Employee Orientation Checklist (SNEOC) at the program level.

Assemble the New Employee Orientation Quality Improvement Team:
a. Team Leader and Team Expert chosen.
b. Other team members given the opportunity to volunteer for the quality improvement projects of their choice.
Team members met to discuss the current New Employee Orientation process and narrowed the focus down to Departmental Orientation.
During a SCHD Quarterly Strategic Plan Monitoring meeting, 18 supervisors were administered a Pre-Test Survey regarding their knowledge of the SNEOC.  A brief orientation of the SNEOC was facilitated by the SCHD Human Resources Assistant.  A Post-Test Survey was given immediately following the orientation.
The Team studied the results of the Post-Test Surveys.
Standardize the Improvement or Develop a New Theory:
a. Developed a cover letter explaining the purpose and usage of the SNEOC.
b. Made suggested changes to SNEOC, posted to electronic file drive, and notified supervisors of location for future use.
Establish Future Plans
a. Cycle 2: Within 6 months, send an electronic survey to assess supervisors’ usage of the SNEOC and to solicit suggestions for improvement.
b. Cycle 3: Revise SNEOC, based on survey findings from Cycle 2. Then, distribute revised SNEOC to supervisors.


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