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QI Successes in Sedgwick County Health Department

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In July 2010, the Sedgwick County Health Department (SCHD) in Kansas began working with PHF in an effort to develop a culture of quality improvement (QI) at the agency.  The key objectives of the project included:

  • Development of an agency quality improvement plan
  • Leadership staff training
  • All-staff training

The collaborative effort between the SCHD and PHF proved to be a springboard for implementing QI for the agency.  Through QI, the credibility of the training was strengthened, and participant engagement was increased.  Here, PHF shares eight storyboards that exemplify the QI process and its success in Sedgwick County:


Asset Management 

The AIM Statement of this project was to provide an updated Asset Management process flow to 100% of HD staff by January 2011.   



The AIM Statement of this project was to improve the efficiency in the billing process by reducing the most common data entry errors of incorrect or incomplete insurance information.   


Customer Satisfaction Assessment  

The AIM Statement of this project was to develop a policy for the systematic review and reporting of customer satisfaction surveys within SCHD programs by January 13, 2011.   


Lab Test Reporting Accuracy

The AIM Statement of this project was for the totals of Gonorrhea tests performed to match the totals for Chlamydia tests in the same report for each month from January 2009 through August 2010, as will the following months through November 2010.   


New Employee Orientation

The AIM Statement of this project was for 90% of SCHD supervisors to be given a pre-test/training/post-test and a cover letter to be developed to ensure standardization of a Supervisor’s New Employee Orientation Checklist (SNEOC) at the program level by December 1, 2010.


Purchasing Process

The AIM Statement of this project was to develop clear instructions and guidance on the major steps of the purchasing process by December 2010.


Improved Customer Experience

The AIM Statement of this project was for SCHD clients' to be able to navigate the West Central Clinic successfully upon entrance by measuring survey results by January 2011.


WIC Wait Times

The AIM Statement of this project was develop a process to provide standardized reminder calls to all WIC clients one day before their scheduled appointment to increase clients' preparedness for their appointments.



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