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The ABCs of PDCA


The ABCs of PDCA, written by Grace Gorenflo and John W. Moran in April 2010, is an introduction to quality improvement (QI) through the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA). This QI tool maps a process to help improve processes and eliminate inefficiencies in health departments. The article demonstrates the PDCA cycle of QI as it relates to public health. The PDCA Cycle is one of many tools included in the Public Health Quality Improvement Encyclopedia.


About the Public Health Quality Improvement Encyclopedia
The Public Health Quality Improvement Encyclopedia is a practical guide to using 75 tools for QI practitioners in public health organizations. The book was distributed to all state and local health departments, and may be purchased through PHF's Online Store.
Want to Use PDCA in Your Organization?
PHF offers a range of services to support use of PDCA in our focus areas of QI, performance management, and workforce development. To learn more, contact Ron Bialek at (202)218-4420 or You can also submit your information online.




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