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Tracking EPHS to Improve Data Collection and Measure Accountability

Related Categories: National Public Health Performance Standards Program, Performance Management


The Jo Daviess County Board of Health (Board), in coordination with the Jo Daviess County Health Department, developed an electronic reporting system for the systematic collection and documentation of public health activities.  In March 2008, the Board completed a National Public Health Performance Standards Program (NPHPSP) Local Public Health Governance assessment to determine the components, activities, competencies, and capacities of its public health system, and help the Board understand how a public health agency can document performance and verify the delivery of the 10 Essential Public Health Services (EPHS).  The Jo Daviess County Health Department had always completed timesheets to verify the number of hours used for service delivery, but they had not considered using an electronic system for EPHS tracking and generation of Board reports and grant applications.  The Board now receives quarterly reports of services provided, service outcomes, and consumer satisfaction surveys, which are useful for grant applications, establishing accountability, and generating automated state and Board quarterly, annual, and fiscal reports.  Learn more about the Jo Daviess County Board of Health’s story, titled “Tracking EPHS Using the Payroll System Improves Data Collection, Helps Measure Accountability.”
Is your public health agency tracking the delivery of the 10 EPHS?  Add a comment below to share other examples of how NPHPSP helped improve the performance of your public health system.


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