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Advancing the public health workforce to achieve organizational excellence
Academic Health Department Mentorship Program

​The Academic Health Department (AHD) Mentorship Program, an initiative of the AHD Learning Community, aimed to foster the development, maintenance, and expansion of AHDs by building ongoing mentoring relationships between individuals involved in AHD efforts.


Led by AHD Learning Community member Bryn Manzella, MPH, of the Jefferson County Department of Health (AL), this program supported mutual learning and the sharing of expertise, connecting individuals seeking guidance in an area of AHD development or operation with those having experience in that area. Paired mentors and mentees shared information and advice and served as mutual resources in enhancing AHD partnerships and improving the quality of public health. The AHD Mentorship Program provided guidance in a variety of areas of AHD development, operation, and evaluation from men​tors with AHD experience or expertise
The AHD Mentorship Program​ is not currently accepting requests for mentorship.
Additional Information
Additional information about the AHD Learning Community and its activities can be found on the AHD Learning Community webpage. Questions may be sent to Kathleen Amos at


Academic Health Department Mentorship Program