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Advancing the public health workforce to achieve organizational excellence
TRAIN Learning Network Benefits and Services



The TRAIN Learning Network reaches more than 4 million public health, healthcare, behavioral health, preparedness, and other health professionals. TRAIN specializes in performing services to directly support organizational development needs.



Why do organizations join the TRAIN Learning Network?

TRAIN successfully delivers your training content and provides one-stop access to thousands of trainings from reputable organizations. You can easily manage your training, design training plans to meet your needs, and conduct assessments and evaluations to assure that your workforce development goals are met.

More than 97% of content within TRAIN is free to the learner.
  • Content – Organizations are using TRAIN to complete required training, obtain continuing education credits to maintain professional credentials and licenses, and stay up-to-date on emerging health challenges.
    • Providing in-person training? Use TRAIN to manage the delivery of live training events or combine with remote training for a blended learning experience.
  • Cost Savings – Organizations using TRAIN receive a high return on investment with an average cost of $1.62 per completed course. Carol Moehrle, District Director for Idaho North Central Public Health, says that "the TRAIN Learning Network is one of the most valuable tools we have." Watch her comments about TRAIN in the video below: 

Video not displaying correctly? Watch it on YouTube.

  • Tracking and Reporting – Organizations are using TRAIN to track the training progress of their workforce and generate tailored and comprehensive reports.
    • Trying to ensure that your staff has the necessary training? Build your own or use the readily available training plans in TRAIN.
    • Working to achieve public health accreditation? Successfully demonstrate that your organization has met the training requirements using TRAIN.
  • Community – Join thousands of partners and training providers dedicated to building a strong health workforce through the TRAIN Learning Network.
    • Interact with the TRAIN community across virtual and in-person meetings, listservs, and mentoring opportunities.
    • Connect with peers, mentors, and experts in training delivery to address challenges and share best practices.


TRAIN provides direct services to organizations to support organizational development needs, including:

  • Addressing urgent community health issues, such as opioid misuse
  • Leveraging existing training in TRAIN and developing training plans
  • Analyzing and reporting on data and performance measures
  • Assessing and evaluating training 
  • Integrating TRAIN access with existing learning management systems
  • Administrative functions, such as:
    • Posting courses
    • Disseminating training
    • Providing technical support
  • Branding and customizing a TRAIN platform with an affiliate subscription
Become a TRAIN Learning Network partner today.

Purchase TRAIN through one of the following mechanisms:

  • Purchase order
  • Check/Credit Card

Contact Mike Barry at (202)218-4422 or ​to design a customized subscription package for your organization or submit your information online to have our team contact you.


TRAIN Learning Network Benefits and Services