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Advancing the public health workforce to achieve organizational excellence
3-Step Competency Prioritization Sequence


The Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals (Core Competencies) define a broad array of professional development areas a public health organization may wish to consider in designing and executing a workforce development plan—a key requirement for Public Health Department Accreditation. However, with 8 domains and 92 competencies from which to choose, deciding where to focus development efforts is both important and challenging.


This set of 3 quality improvement tools introduces an efficient, step-by-step process for selecting Core Competencies domains for workforce development that address gaps in current workforce strengths, while building competencies that will best advance a public health organization’s strategic goals. The tool set consists of a radar chart, a prioritization matrix, and a matrix diagram that, used in sequence, can assist in identifying where to invest limited professional development resources for the largest potential benefit. Steps for using each tool are provided, along with examples and blank templates that can be used by public health organizations in their own competency prioritization efforts. This three-step approach can be applied diversely—to shape a comprehensive workforce development plan, a division-specific plan, or an individual development plan.


For more information or guidance in using these tools, please see the resources below or contact Kathleen Amos at


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