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Developing an AHD Research Agenda (AHD Learning Community Presentation)


This archived webinar featuring Academic Health Department (AHD) Learning Community member Paul Campbell Erwin, MD, DrPH, University of Tennessee Department of Public Health, introduces the newest initiative of the AHD Learning Community: a research agenda focused on the AHD model. This research agenda explores questions related to measuring the value of AHD partnerships in enhancing public health and determining best practices critical to partnership success, and suggests opportunities for collaborative research on the structure, functions, and impacts of AHDs.

During this one hour webinar, Dr. Erwin, who is leading the development of the AHD Research Agenda, discussed the initial draft of the research agenda that has recently been completed, the process through which the research agenda is being developed, and the questions it contains. Feedback and questions on the draft and the development process were encouraged. This webinar was originally presented as the March 2016 AHD Learning Community meeting. Discussion among the presenter and participants that occurred during the live version of the webinar is captured. Watch the archived webinar or download the presentation slides to learn more.



This webinar is also available on TRAIN as Course 1062983 for those interested in keeping a record of completion in their TRAIN transcripts.

For more information about the AHD Learning Community, please visit the Learning Community webpage or contact Kathleen Amos at


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