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Enhancing Physical Activity Opportunities Population Health Driver Diagram


This Enhancing Physical Activity Opportunities Population Health Driver Diagram was developed in 2016 by the Cabarrus Health Alliance as part of their work as an awardee in the CDC's Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) program. A population health driver diagram identifies primary and secondary drivers of an identified community health objective, and serves as a framework for determining and aligning actions that can be taken across sectors for achieving it. This driver diagram can be used to reduce disparities in access to physical activity opportunities by addressing barriers to physical activity in the community, increasing community support for walking and biking, and reducing the burden of chronic disease related to lack of physical activity. In the future, this driver diagram can be used to develop, expand, and improve interventions in communities to enhance physical activity opportunities. Public Health Foundation (PHF) Senior Quality Advisor Jack Moran and Performance Improvement Expert Annie Vosel facilitated dynamic exercises in which community partners developed and fine-tuned the population health driver diagram. 


PHF is currently seeking sponsors to help test and further refine this and other population health driver diagrams for potential use in communities. For more information about this initiative, please contact Vanessa Lamers at or phone at (202)218-4412.


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