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Improving Vector Control Program Performance: An Intervention Guidance Document


From 2014-2017, the Public Health Foundation (PHF) collaborated with 15 local health departments on performance improvement initiatives to increase vector control program efficiency, effectiveness, and capacity. In addition to reports and resources produced by the 15 health departments, PHF worked with local health departments to develop the Vector Control Population Health Driver Diagram and this document, sharing the lessons learned and outcomes from those improvement projects. Both of these products can be used by other communities to tackle the population health challenge of vector control.

The improvement projects to address drivers in the Vector Control Population Health Driver Diagram are described in this document. In addition, each health department used quality improvement tools to assist with successfully identifying and implementing its improvement projects, and specific tools used for each project are noted.
For questions about this document or to send stories of use, contact Vanessa Lamers,
This report was supported under Cooperative Agreement U38OT000211 with the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
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