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QI Leads To Health Outcomes

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When was the last time you waited on a long line? Was it at the pharmacy? At the doctor’s office? For your flu shot? Were you thinking: I wish they would schedule appointments more efficiently so I wouldn’t have to waste time waiting? If you did, you were wishing they would use quality improvement (QI) methods.
QI is being utilized by health departments across the county to help people increase physical activity, reduce their tobacco use, increase immunization rates and find solutions to other public health challenges. View the Quality Improvement and Key Health Outcomes document for details about how several health departments have addressed some of these large, seemingly insurmountable, problems.
One example highlighted is from Franklin County, Ohio, in which health department administrators observed long wait times in their clinic. They used QI tools and techniques to analyze and improve clinic flow, which reduced wait time and led to a 37% increase in immunization rates. The health department staff understood that without the QI tools and techniques, the improvements would not have been possible; while the people of Franklin County might not realize the role that QI played in their clinic experience, they would acknowledge the QI outcomes: efficient service and improved rates. QI played a vital role in improving the health and wellness of this community.
PHF offers a range of QI services and we specialize in coaching health departments on how to use QI tools and techniques. We encourage you to contact us with your challenges; let us teach you QI so you can continue to make a difference in your community


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