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Readiness Matrix for Cross-Sector Collaboration


​The Readiness Matrix for Cross-Sector Collaboration is a structured process for the potential collaborative members to discuss what they have in common, their differences, barriers holding them back from collaborating, and what it will take to collaborate. This matrix is a way to capture and record the responses visually. Once these responses are recorded and discussed, the cross-sector collaborative should decide if it can move forward, or if the barriers and differences are too great to overcome. If the decision is to move forward, it is important to address the barriers and differences and determine how they can be resolved before taking on a community health improvement initiative. If these are not addressed up front, they will more than likely surface as the collaborative tries to work on a community health issue and may derail the initiative at some point, with organizations going back to protecting their silos.

Download the full Readiness Matrix for Cross-Sector Collaboration Tool to get started.


If you have any questions about this tool or how to apply it for your use, please contact Vanessa Lamers, Assistant Director of Performance Management and Quality Improvement, at


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