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Advancing the public health workforce to achieve organizational excellence
Rapid Cycle Innovation Using Kaizen

Apply the Kaizen approach through an intensive, facilitated process improvement event. Utilize a recurring Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach to solve a problem facing a team or organization in a brief period of time.



The Public Health Foundation (PHF) offers technical assistance to facilitate a Kaizen event. Kaizen is Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better.” This offering enables an organization to analyze and improve a troubled process over a brief, intensive period, during which participants learn the Kaizen approach and process improvement tools. The process begins with a pre-workshop webinar to introduce concepts and prepare for the event. This is followed by  a facilitated on-site change process incorporates tools, data utilization, process redesign, and communicating about the change.  
  • Defining a Rapid Cycle Improvement (RCI)
  • Issue Identification
  • Gains from short cycles of change
  • RCI as a means to developing a broad base of quality improvement knowledge in the agency
  • Reinforcing QI knowledge through quick deployment on the next project
This technical assistance uses Kaizen Process Improvement Tools designed by PHF. It also builds on the concepts in PHF's 2011 free online book, Modular kaizen: Dealing with Disruptions. Modular kaizen is the creation of an improvement or redesign project planned along a timeline that recognizes the highly volatile nature of a public health organization’s core business processes. The book helps health departments achieve quick improvements in disruptive environments.

Duration: 2-3 days, plus pre-workshop webinar and collaborative planning


Ready to get started?
PHF is ready to assist. Contact Ron Bialek at (202)218-4420 or You can also submit your information online.





Rapid Cycle Innovation Using Kaizen