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Advancing the public health workforce to achieve organizational excellence
Sample PHF Technical Assistance and Training Packages

What technical assistance (TA) and training can we include in a work plan to start or continue capacity-building activities that support infrastructure and accreditation (e.g., activities in performance management (PM), quality improvement (QI), and workforce development (WD))?


Having provided TA and training to hundreds of state, tribal, local, and territorial health departments who are building PM, QI, and WD capacity, preparing for accreditation, and working to maintain accreditation, the Public Health Foundation (PHF) has identified content areas that seem most helpful for agencies at various stages on their journey to improve organizational performance and health outcomes. The sample TA and training packages listed below include content areas that we have observed as useful for agencies getting started in these efforts and those who are more advanced. These TA and training packages can be implemented statewide, regionally, or for a single health department:


Launch or “Getting Started” Package

For health departments that are just getting started with accreditation and performance improvement planning, to be delivered over an 8 to 12 month period.

  • Introduction to Quality Improvement (2 days)
  • Building and Improving a Performance Management System (1 day)
  • Assessing Leadership and Culture (.5 days)
  • Preparing for Domain 9: Developing a Quality Plan (1 day)
  • Developing a Strategic Plan (1-3 days)

Advanced Package

For health departments that are further along in planning for accreditation, to be delivered over a 4 to 8 month period.

  • Advanced Tools of Quality Improvement (1 day)
  • Strategic Communications Planning (.5 day)
  • Train-the-Trainer in QI (4 days)
  • Developing a Workforce Development Plan (1 day)
  • Implementing a Health Improvement Plan (1 day)

Customized Packages

Draw from the full range of PM, QI, and WD services available from PHF. Review our Performance Improvement Learning Series Catalog.


For more information about any of these options, contact Ron Bialek at 202-218-4420 or




Sample PHF Technical Assistance and Training Packages