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Advancing the public health workforce to achieve organizational excellence
Performance Improvement Experts
​​Performance improvement experts at the Public Health Foundation (PHF) have more than 275 combined years of experience in meeting the specific needs of organizations such as health departments, hospitals, health systems, and community stakeholders. They are skilled in designing targeted technical assistance and training to address a wide variety of challenges with performance management, quality improvement, and workforce development tools and techniques. Our experts have both depth and breadth of knowledge that comes from serving in senior leadership roles in public health, healthcare, and international business; on the faculty at renowned universities; as expert trainers for US government officials; and as authors of numerous books and journal articles related to our work. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of professionals have successfully improved health outcomes by implementing impactful programs with the assistance of PHF’s performance improvement experts.
Through our flexible consultation services, PHF helps organizations build the public health infrastructure and strengthen community health.
Learn more about the PHF experts who are ready to help your organization:

​Jade Ramsdell, ​MBA​​​

How PHF Experts Work with You
Expert Guidance: Our expert facilitators, trainers, and coaches have years of experience in public health, healthcare, and hospital operations delivering performance management, quality improvement, and workforce development technical assistance and training.
Partnership and Alignment: Our experts will help you to build collaborations with your community partners that will stand the test of time, despite competing priorities and resource constraints.
Customized Services: Our experts will select the right amount of on-site workshops, webinars, and remote assistance to meet your needs. While the tools and techniques we use are time-tested, our approach to each organization is individualized start to finish.
On-Demand Assistance: Our experts are available to answer questions, help sustain momentum, and provide remote coaching and consultation as needed.
Meeting You Where You Are: Both literally and figuratively. Our experts will come to you in your community, and tailor each service in response to the specific needs that you articulate.
Ready to work with one of our experts?
PHF is ready to connect you with the performance improvement experts who can best address your needs. Contact Ron Bialek at (202)218-4420 or You can also submit your information online.
Performance Improvement Experts