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Advancing the public health workforce to achieve organizational excellence
Public Health Preparedness and Response


​Today’s public health professionals must be prepared to respond to a range of emergencies. The Public Health Foundation (PHF) collaborates with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Office of Public Health Preparedness (OPHPR) to support public health preparedness and response efforts across several key projects.


Integration of Preparedness Standards into TRAIN
TRAIN enables learners to search for and access training that builds critical preparedness skills. PHF and OPHPR have worked together to integrate two key preparedness standards into TRAIN:

Additionally, TRAIN affiliates — agencies and organizations that use TRAIN to deliver, track, and share workforce trainings — can track participation in these and other competency- and capability-based training by their staff and constituents, identify gaps in training, and generate reports about public health workforce capacity.


Foundations of Public Health Preparedness Training Plan
To increase awareness of the PHPR Core Competencies and PHEP Capabilities, PHF and OPHPR jointly developed the Foundations of Public Health Preparedness Training Plan. Available on TRAIN, the plan provides public health professionals who are not preparedness experts with a way to easily access a vetted list of courses that can build an understanding of public health preparedness in support of their agency's or organization's efforts. Courses in the training plan are assigned PHPR Core Competencies and/or PHEP Capabilities and were chosen through a subject matter expert review process from the vast course offerings on TRAIN. This training plan is one of several national training plans available on TRAIN. Register or log on to TRAIN today to take the training plan, as well as other trainings that develop preparedness knowledge and skills.


Evaluating Emergency Preparedness and Response Trainings: A Knowledge Repository
Built to provide one-stop access to evaluation tools developed by the Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Centers (PERLC), Evaluating Emergency Preparedness and Response Trainings: A Knowledge Repository is designed to serve as a guide and framework to promote evidence-based evaluations of emergency preparedness and response trainings and learning products and measure their impact toward improving workforce readiness. Structured around the Kirkpatrick model for evaluating training, this knowledge repository includes training evaluation templates and guides organized by the four Kirkpatrick training evaluation levels; course and exercise materials; and links to other PERLC-developed toolkits, guides, and resources. These tools and resources provide support for the emergency preparedness and response workforce, including organizations, institutions, and programs, interested in improving and measuring the impact of their emergency preparedness and response learning products.
Public Health Preparedness and Response