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A Crosswalk for Aligning Accreditation Plans


​​Public Health Foundation (PHF) Performance Improvement Expert Sonja Armbruster developed a crosswalk to help health departments coordinate the elements of the various plans, policies, and systems required by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). The crosswalk provides guidance on where PHAB standards and measures are reflected in each of the required documents, and how those documents are interdependent.


​In February 2016, PHAB's new Guide to National Public Health Department Initial Accreditation (Guide) went into effect. While the overall process for accreditation has not changed, PHAB believes new Guide significantly improves the process for health departments seeking accreditation. At the time of application, health officials are now required to state that significant progress has been made toward completing all of the plans, policies, and systems that PHAB requires.


The Public Health Foundation (PHF) believes that these documents need to be mutually reinforcing, together comprising a well-integrated, systematic approach. The plans, policies, and systems include:

  • Health Department Agency/Organizational Strategic Plan
  • Health Assessment
  • Health Improvement Plan (Tribal, State or Community)
  • Quality Improvement Plan
  • Workforce Development Plan
  • Performance Management Policy/System
  • Organizational Branding Strategy
  • Emergency Operations Plan

The crosswalk is an important element of Aligning Accreditation Plans, PHF's on-site service that supports the use of a performance management system to track and report on progress from all the plans in a coordinated, responsive approach that advances the strategic objectives in the separate plans. To learn more about bringing this service to your health department, contact Ron Bialek at​ or (202)-218-4420 ​or submit your information online.


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