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Developing a Population Health Driver Diagram Using The Community Guide


A population health driver diagram captures a proposed health change for a community in a single visual graphic diagram that shows a potential path of change. It depicts a detailed theory of potential change about how to improve a community health priority by showing a potential improvement path. It can be used collaboratively by public health, healthcare, and other stakeholders to identify the potential drivers that can help achieve an identified community health objective. Communities may use a population health driver diagram as a starting point for discussion among stakeholders and to help create an atmosphere of cooperation. The population health driver diagram guides interdisciplinary improvement teams through the process of brainstorming and developing improvement strategies that are associated with their health improvement AIM statement and goals, and consists of a general AIM statement, goals of the AIM statement, and primary and secondary drivers that specify actions that can be taken to help achieve the desired goals.
This resource provides steps for constructing a population health driver diagram to achieve a community health objective using The Community Guide (The Guide to Community Preventive Services), a collection of evidence-based findings of the Community Preventive Services Task Force that can help in identifying interventions to improve health and prevent disease in a community.
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