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Vaccine Expiration Date and Beyond-Use Date or Time Video Series

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The Public Health Foundation (PHF), in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has developed a three-part instructional video series on vaccine expiration dates and beyond-use dates or times (BUD).

Training the immunization workforce on the importance of ongoing monitoring of vaccine expiration dates and BUDs is crucial for inventory management and helps ensure the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Proper vaccine storage and handling are critical to ensure communities are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. The mishandling and improper administration of vaccines can result in significant financial losses for clinics due to wasted vaccines. This can also cause decreased patient confidence in vaccines when individuals need to be re-vaccinated. ​

These instructional videos are designed to advise programmatic and clinical immunization staff about vaccine expiration date and BUD and explain the difference between the two dates. The series includes:

  • What is a Vaccine Expiration Date?
  • What is a Vaccine Beyond-Use Date or Time?
  • The Difference Between a Vaccine Expiration Date and Beyond-Use Date or Time.

Upon watching the videos, viewers will be able to:

  • Define a vaccine expiration date and BUD
  • Explain the difference between a vaccine expiration date and a BUD
  • Identify best practices for determining vaccine expiration dates and BUDs
  • Identify vaccine storage and preparation references and resources
Help us share this resource by utilizing the Vaccine Expir​ation Date and BUD Videos Promotional Toolkit​​, which includes key messages, pre-drafted social media content, and adaptable images to positively contribute to vaccine-handling confidence among immunization workforce staff. 

To learn more:

Watch the video series below or access it on the TRAIN Learning Network (​Course ID 1111988,1112028, and 1112029​) if you would like to keep a record of completion in your TRAIN transcript.​


Video not displaying correctly? Watch them on YouTube​ or the TRAIN Learning Network​.


Additional resources:

Interested in additional immunization resources? Visit PHF's Immunization Center for tools, training, and educational material for health professionals, or for questions, contact Gabrelle Taylor at


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