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Vector Control Population Health Driver Diagram


​With funding from the National Center for Environmental Health of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Public Health Foundation (PHF) has developed a Vector Control Population Health Driver Diagram to help community stakeholders work together to decrease the presence of vectors and prevent vector borne disease transmission in a community. A population health driver diagram can be used collaboratively by public health, healthcare, and community partners to identify the potential primary and secondary drivers that can help to achieve an identified community health objective. PHF has created a tool to help develop population health driver diagrams.

Initially, this framework was part of the Vector Control Program Performance Assessment and Improvement Initiative. As the participants of the initiative use the population health driver diagram to consider strategies for their vector control performance improvement projects, the driver diagram will continue to be refined to better reflect the primary and secondary drivers of this community health objective.


CDC and PHF collaborated with five vector control programs at local health departments to further refine the Vector Control Population Health Driver Diagram and test its use as a tool to engage community partners in strengthening vector control programs. For more information about this initiative or other opportunities to use a population health driver diagram, please contact Vanessa Lamers at or (202)218-4412.


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