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Advancing the public health workforce to achieve organizational excellence
Support the Public Health Foundation (PHF)
The Public Health Foundation (PHF) works each day to improve the performance of individuals and organizations striving to achieve healthier communities - building capacity where it is needed and bringing out the best in public health and population health practice. We help organizations connect and more effectively use information and best practices to manage and improve performance, understand and use data, and strengthen the workforce. As a mission-driven nonprofit organization working across public health and healthcare sectors, we frequently identify unmet needs that cross or fall between traditional stakeholder domains.
As a non-membership organization, we do not have a dedicated funding source for much of our work.
Have you found PHF resources to be valuable and helpful in improving your performance and building skills and ability to serve others? Want to make a contribution that will support our continued efforts as a thought leader and solutions provider for sustainable, healthier communities?
The Public Health Foundation advances the public helath workforce to achieve organization excellence. ​Please support our work.
With your support, we can continue providing innovative programs and practical resources. We can continue to bring people, leaders, and organizations together; foster collaboration, and transform the public health and healthcare systems to support population health.
PHF maximizes the use and integration of existing resources and tools whenever possible. In some cases, we address gaps by developing and implementing innovative solutions, such as:
PHF has helped our partners demonstrate significant improvement and achieve great success on priority initiatives across the country. Learn more about these programs:
With your support, we can continue to serve the public health and population health workforce and bridge gaps in the essential infrastructure that support healthier communities – the health workforce and systems to support them.
The Public Health Foundation (PHF) is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the District of Columbia.
Support the Public Health Foundation (PHF)